Once upon a time, there was a woman who exchanged the competitive life of a sales person for the heady environment of academia. She was searching for her soul. Then one day, she met the woman who gave birth to her and learned that art was part of her bloodline. Many members of her biological family loved the same thing she did: color, design, and texture. This new knowledge gave the woman permission to explore a world she was taught to ignore. Soon she picked up a loaded paintbrush and touched it to canvas. She's been painting ever since, interrupted from time to time to complete a Ph.D., travel the world with her husband and revel in the joy her granddaughters bring to her life. If you asked her today why she paints, she'd say, "I paint because the closer I come to the depth of my talent, the closer I come to my own truth."


                                                                                          ~ Martha Peacock, Ph.D.